Teaching Fiber Arts

I love to teach and I love to travel. Put these two together and it’s a Creative Journey. Please contact me for available dates and times. We can discuss the details about the details!! Here are some of the classes I offer.

~Wheel Magic- Learning ratio and how to make your wheel do the work.

~Plying tips and techniques-Learning 1-2-3 plys and cabling, N-ply and more

~Fiber Prep-hackles, cards, combs, blending boards and drum carders to finger fluffing, fiber salad! Prepping to spin

~Art Yarn spinning-we do it all, this is a packed with techniques class, so much fun (basic spinning is a must)

~Lecture on Cashmere and recycling fibers

~Group Painting parties- I teach the Artist series of painting, anyone can do it. Everything is provided. Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Monet and more. This can be a fun group of couples with wine, beer or cocktails of your choice.

So if you are interested let me know because I am!!!

Private Lessons

Private Spinning lessons $35.00 hour in the studio contact for appt.

Painting Classes

I teach painting classes for $30 a student

I can have the class in my studio, for 6 guests, bring your own bottle everything else is supplied.

I can teach up to 12 students in a place of your choice. I do an Artist’s series