June is for traveling to teach!!

I am teaching Art Yarn spinning at two cross country events. The first one Estes Park Wool Market June 7-9th. Please join me I am looking forward to meeting you!
Then end of June I am traveling to PA for MAFA Midwest Atlantic Fiber Association in Pittsburg. I will be teaching spinning Art Yarn a fun texture to add to weavings. June 27-30th  This class was canceled
There are still spots available!! I always add something new in my teaching!!

Dungeon Dyeing

This weekend my brother installed a vent fan in the dungeon so I have some air circulation to vent out dye fumes. I am excited to exhaust the smell of vinegar, poop and smell from my work area. It is hard to explain to people walking into the shop the smell of poop…I am dyeing for my Art Yarn Classes. June is coming up fast!! So into the dungeon I go today. Thank you to my brother!!!

Supporting Small Business

Morning coffee on the side?

Last night I did a small local Ladies Night out in the City that I live in. Lots of small business owners had their booths there , it is a fun event. Lots of door prizes and tables for gathering, food and drinks. It was a good turnout on a very cold night. I just want to thank those that support small business. We work hard to make ends meet and it is hard to compete with big box stores. It is also fun to actually meet the person that is the CEO, PR person, Artistic designer and the Janitor….we wear a lot of hats. Thanks again to everyone!!!