About Me

About Jan

After working for more than 30 years as a steamfitter, Jan Massie left her job in the skilled trades to pursue her dream of owning her own studio. When asked what inspires her love for art she answered, “I am fascinated with color”. That fascination started with her first box of crayons, you know the kind with the sharpener in the back… and continues today as evident in her colorful, flowing paintings and Spinning. Whether working with Natural Fibers, acrylic paints, or pastels, Jan takes pleasure in the blending of shades and texture to create art that is detailed yet sensual and relaxing.

Jan respects boundaries, but take pleasure in pushing them!

Spinning fiber for over 40 years, She is an online presence with Natalie Redding of Namaste Farms. A master Dyer and Teacher, having successfully completed the “Redding Method” dye course 2016 a course offered through ReddingMethod.com

Jan also does youtube instructional videos. Check under Digital Class

My Story

It is true that dreams can come true, it is just not on our time table!! Almost 30 years ago with bellbottoms and tire tread sandals I used to walk the cobblestone paths of the Market Place. I would be buying incense and pottery, earrings and candles, dreaming about having my own place there, selling my artwork. Who would have thought that it really would have happened. So don’t give up hope.

Just 4 Ewe Fiber Studio opened it’s brick and mortar shop Nov 1st 2006.

I have had Fiber Art exhibited, in Bellefonte Museum in Baltimore, MD, Katie Gingrass Milwaukee and Purloin Gallery, Menomonee Falls, Art Bar, Riverwest and MOWA in West Bend.  I am the creator of Sheep in the City Getaway, a Midwest Fiber Event held the last weekend in February. I am Internationally known for my Art Yarn spinning DVD and worked with Fiberygoodness and presently, Namaste Farms, Natalie Redding.

Teaching Credits:

Sherry Tennys, Gettysburg, PA

Textielwerk Wol en Zo, Holland

UWM Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Library Art off the Shelves,

Sheep in the City, Milwaukee, WI

Alpaca on the Farm, Watertown, WI

Eastern Great Lakes Fiber Convention, Chataqua, NY

Mulberry Festival, Albia, IA

I am a certified Master Dyer Redding Method and Teacher


I have the attention span of a gnat, but if it’s something I love, I am intense and learn all I can and absorb as much as I can.

Jan Massie

Creative Director and jan of all trades